Bulls-Eye and Beyond

Last weekend on October 7, Mrs. Becker’s English class had the honour of stepping into a world where precision meets focus and adventures unfold. The archery facility of SG HD-Wieblingen has many professional teachers who range from newcomers to those with years of experience. They warmly welcomed the class and introduced the equipment such as the bow, arrow and safety gear, while ensuring the security and protection of all students as their top priority.

Mr. Krause, the owner of the facility, demonstrated how to use a bow and arrow with the help of a class volunteer. What stuck out from his talk was the composure with which he expressed himself, much like the calm focus required when drawing the bow and aiming at the target.

Students learned essential archery principles, including standing perpendicularly to the target, keeping their feet hip width apart, having a relaxed upper body, and focusing on the target. As anticipation grew, students were provided with their bows and safety equipment. Each student had an experienced archer by their side, and under the watchful eye of the teacher, they took turns aiming at the target. Despite the teacher being present every step of the way, it all came down to the moment when the students drew their bowstrings at the target. In those seconds leading up to releasing the arrow the archer himself has to find the right balance between physical and mental control. He has to control his breath, heartbeat and with a calm mind release the arrow.

Mr. Krause was so impressed with the class that he even hung up balloons to test their aiming skills. With each student taking their turn, and the targets moving farther away, the atmosphere changed to determination. Nonetheless, it fostered the camaraderie amongst the students. They supported and encouraged each other, celebrating every bulls-eye.

Another memorable moment unfolded when Mr. Krause showcased his Olympian archery bow and even demonstrated its use.

A hush came over the groups as it was Mr. Krause’s turn to hit the 70 meter far away target.

All eyes were fixed on him, admiring the concentration and precision that had become an inspiration for everyone.

One thing the archery crew couldn’t leave out to show was the 3D hunting area where they practice their aiming skills with polystyrene animals. Even their kids as young as 10 years old were already practicing and improving their ability.

The students and the teacher were so astonished by the archery lesson that they hadn’t realised that hours had passed, bringing this adventure to an end.

This day was more than just an excursion or an attempt to hit the bullseye. It went far beyond that. It was an opportunity to harness their inner discipline and taught them the importance of patience, persistence and precision.

It wasn’t solely about individual success but also about sharing this journey with friends and classmates.

Most importantly, it reminded them that in a world filled with distractions, true success comes when you can find your focus and aim for your goals with determination. The students not only gained newfound archery skills but also valuable life lessons that would serve them well as they approach their milestone of graduation and unfold their journey in the future.

Text: Zoe Halens (KS2)

Fotos: Claudia Becker