Lockdown in Britain – wie die Schüler unserer Partnerschule Honywood School in Coggeshall den Alltag erleben

Das öffentliche Leben in Deutschland ist seit Wochen heruntergefahren, die Schulen sind weitgehend geschlossen, Menschen müssen in vielen Ländern Europas und der ganzen Welt ihr Leben in ihren eigenen vier Wänden in Quarantäne verbringen und haben viele Regeln bezüglich des Ausgangs — da geht es unseren Kollegen und Schülern in den Partnerschulen in England, Frankreich, Spanien, Russland und Amerika nicht anders. Wie sieht der Alltag für Schüler in England gerade aus?

Ein Projekt der Schüler der 8.Klassen des DBG mit denen unserer  Partnerschule in Coggeshall, in dem sich Deutsche und Engländer in kurzen „Corona reports“ auf deutsch und englisch darüber austauschen, wie sie die Corona-Zeit erleben, zeigt, dass die Jugendlichen in Europa ganz ähnlich mit der außergewöhnlichen Situation umgehen.

Ein Auszug der „Corona reports“ der Honywood School:

Ich heiße Tommy und ich bin dreizehn Jahre alt. Ich wohne in Feering, Colchester. Meine Hobbys sind Hockey, Tischtennis und Badminton, weil es fantastisch ist.
To keep busy during lockdown, I have been helping my parents out with jobs around the house, walking the dog everyday and playing on my Xbox. I have found lockdown so far both good and bad as there are days where there are things to do and others not so much. I miss being able to see my friends most days and being able to go out more than we currently can. I think that the government was not very harsh with lockdown at the start and they should have been.
There are many things that you cannot currently buy at the shop, which is annoying, and I hope the world changes the way we deal with things like this in the future.
Auf Wiedersehen!

Tommy Mardle

In isolation I have been doing Joe Wicks [Anm.: ein britischer Fitnesstrainer] every morning because it makes me prepared for the day. I also have to do my school work every day which can take a long time. The days are repetitive but it is fine. After school I play with Lego with my sister. Then I go on a walk with my father. My mum works for the NHS so she comes later. Also I had my birthday in isolation. I had to FaceTime my friends and family and my cards and presents came in the post. Every weekend I call my friends and do a quiz with my family.


In lockdown I am watching Tiger King on Netflix. I miss watching and playing football because it is my favourite sport. I miss my teammates and school friends. I am in lockdown with my mum, dad and sister We are doing our learning by an app called google classroom. We complete our work in our books, take a photograph of the work and finally we upload it onto an assignment. I have been enjoying the lessons because I get so much freedom and I can listen to music whilst working which I can’t do at school!


During this period of time I have been staying at home with my parents. I do my PE exercises daily. We have bought a rowing machine. I go for walks with my Mum in the countryside. I have also played badminton in the garden. In order to keep myself occupied at the weekends I watch films, text and FaceTime my friends, play my Nintendo Switch games and my Mum and I watch Seinfeld and the BBC’s series Sherlock. I help with the cooking such as stir-fry and baking cakes etc…
In the weekdays I concentrate on my homeschool learning. With school learning I enjoy it because following a PowerPoint helps me understand what I’m doing.
I miss my friends very much and I miss my teachers helping me in areas I don’t understand.


Lockdown has been a very weird experience so far; getting out of bed after 8 o’clock is very weird and only leaving the house for a little while each day has made everything boring. I haven’t seen any of my friends in nearly a month and only talked to them on the phone or Xbox. So to keep myself busy, I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix and going on occasional bike rides. But Google Classroom has been really helpful in keeping me occupied with work, sending me multiple lessons to complete and not fall behind in my learning. I’ve started to settle into a new routine of always being at home, and trying to eat healthily and do some exercise. However I am looking forward to when we get to leave our houses and go outside for longer periods of time.


Jetzt, wo Austausche ins Ausland bis auf weiteres nicht möglich sind, können die Lehrkräfte der 8. Klassen in England und Deutschland solche Berichte mit ihren Schülern lesen und die Erfahrungen der Partnerschüler mit den eigenen vergleichen.

Eine ganz andere, aber nicht minder gewinnbringende Art des Austausches!

Text: Claudia Spagnol